All test preparation includes all materials.

Tutoring Services

  • One-on-One : $140 per one hour session

  • Group (2 students): $95 per student per hour.

  • Group (3-6 students): $85 per student per hour.

  • Small-group course: $1450 for our two test course.

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What Clients Are Saying

  • "Making the decision to get a tutor is easy...finding the RIGHT one, not so much. John Henrikson is a terrific tutor. He not only works to improve test scores but enhances study skills and time management. Both Kate and Emily have gained an increased confidence in taking standardized tests, both

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  • "Mr. Henrikson is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. His methods are effective and easy to understand, and I would personally recommend him to anyone looking to boost their scores."

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  • "Mr. Henrikson's one-on-one tutoring strengthened my focus, honed my skills and improved my scores in the areas where I struggled. I went up 100 points from the PSAT, and I plan on raising my score again with his techniques for my second SAT!" 

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  • "Out of everyone that I have come into contact with, Mr. Henrikson has helped me the most in regard to SAT preparation. His lessons and methodology were crucial in allowing me to do as well as I did on the SATs. Without Mr. Henrikson I would have scored much lower.

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  • "Working with Mr. Henrikson was a blessing. By trusting in his system, I was able to overcome my Critical Reading and Writing deficiencies to gain a 2230 on the SAT. Also, he helped raise my PSAT from a 167 to a 212, which earned me a spot as a commended

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  • "Mr. Henrikson's winning, unassuming manner is what drew me to him originally - he seemed, not only a teacher, but a whole person. He earns his students' trust with his patience , their respect with his expertise, and their loyalty with his genuine interest. I know for a fact I would not

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  • "He really prepared me for the test and allowed me to reach my full potential. Without having him as a tutor, I know that I wouldn't have scored as high as I did on the SAT. Through working with him, I felt more confident going into the test. He put

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  • "Mr. Henrikson is a great teacher and easy to learn from. His methods helped to improve my scores a lot and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their scores."

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  • "My son, Colin, was nervous and unsure about the looming SAT test date. Always a wonderful student, he understood the importance of this singular score. John worked with Colin to strengthen his test taking abilities and reassure him of his skills. Colin's cumulative scores increased significantly after working with John,

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  • "Two Sons. Many standardized tests. One tutor. One result ~ Outstanding! John Henrikson has prepared my sons for both the SAT and the ACT standardized tests. His methodology is straightforward and yields tremendous results. Students are prepared wholly so that test day is seen as a challenge to be met with

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  • "John Henrikson did an amazing job preparing my son, Ryan for the PSAT and ACT standardized tests. Thanks to his teaching style, Ryan a senior in high school is a National Merit Semi-Finalist and received a 36 on his first try on the ACT. Ryan could not have achieved these

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  • "Fantastic tutoring. Gave my son the necessary strategies, practice tests and confidence to achieve maximum results on the ACT. Well done!!!!"

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  • "Friendly and experienced. Was able to increase BOTH of my daughter's college entrance exam grades dramatically. HIGHLY recommend!!"

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  • "I was extremely satisfied with the support and instruction provided by Mr. Henrikson and his team! My son is an athlete and with the ACT prep and tutoring provided at Monmouth Test Prep he was able to successfully gain acceptance to the top tier university he currently is attending. You

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  • "Mr. Henrikson is one of a kind. Not only is he an incredible teacher, but you will be hard pressed to find someone who cares about each individual student and their successes, more than him. The motivation that you are consistently given to complete such a rigorous course is extremely

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  • "Easy to utilize and remember strategies that anyone can learn to succeed with.

    I was able to improve my PSAT score to be recognized as a National Merit Commended Student. With only one course I was able to improve my ACT Composite Score to a 35. Mr. Henrikson earnestly cares

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  • "Mr. Henrikson and his test prep company are the best in the business. The strategies he provides are unparalleled and will allow anyone who accepts his help to improve their scores beyond what they believed previously possible. Personally, Mr. Henrikson helped me to improve my PSAT scores by 200 points

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  • "We are very happy we sent our daughter to Monmouth Test Prep. She was calm and confident the morning of the SAT thanks to the sessions she had with John. Her score surpassed her goal and we are more than happy with the results!"

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  • "I’ve been with Mr. Henrikson for the past 3 years for PSAT, SAT, and ACT Prep and the experience was second to none. He is able to adapt to what the student needs and overcome any obstacles that can hold someone back. His teaching allowed me to improve my SAT

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  • "Worth every penny. Both daughters were tutored by Monmouth Test Prep and both exceeded their expectations on the SAT. The oldest is loving the University of Michigan and would not have achieved the scores required without your care, instruction and expertise. Our youngest is pursuing engineering and has the scores

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  • "We are very happy we sent our daughter to Monmouth Test Prep. She was calm and confident the morning of the SAT thanks to the sessions she had the previous weeks with John. Her score surpassed her goal and we are more than happy with the results."

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  • "Friendly stress free environment. Perfect for my daughter. Close to home and she was able to make her own small group. I’ll be sending my other girls there too."

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  • "John and his team find out what areas need improvement and then tailor classes around that. Many different offerings for overall prep, just Math or English and they run SAT and ACT classes as well. Monmouth Test Prep helped my daughter go from a PSAT score of 1230 to an

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  • "Mr. Henrikson was an amazing tutor! I highly recommend them! He helped me increase my ACT score dramatically. It was more than a tutoring session, he took the time to get to know me as a student and a person which made the tutoring sessions more enjoyable. I learned so

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  • "My daughter took the PSAT and her score was X. We signed her up for a local SAT prep course and she took the SAT. Her score on her first SAT was the same score as her PSAT, X. My daughter was not thrilled with the "one size fits all"

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